Welcome to Saddle Peak


Boarding is available in pastures and in the stall barn.    Pasture board is $290 a month,  $480 a month for a stall, and $350 per month for outdoor runs. Please call us if we can answer any questions about what Saddle Peak can provide you and your horse.  Special diets, turnout, blanketing, exercise, training, grooming, and horsemanship lessons are always available.   Please call Patrick 406 287 5125 or Katie 406 388 3363.

We have finished cutting and reined cow horses for sale.  Daughters of Playgun, Smooth as a Cat, Hesapeptospoonful, Peptotime, and others can get you in to working cows and competing on the cutting circuit.  Several solid trail horses are available.

Patrick Severance hosts Tuesday evening and thursday morning cutting/cow horse practices.   The Tuesday Evening practice begins at 6 and ends at 8, and thursday’s practice starts at 9 am and goes until noon.   $40 per person.  Lots of mostly fresh cows and an encouraging atmosphere.  Open to green horses, green riders, seasoned horses, and seasoned riders. Ask for help and feedback, or ask us to keep the peanut gallery's comments to ourselves!  Please call Patrick if you wish to attend any practice so we can gather the cattle.   Hope to see you at Saddle Peak this autumn.   406 287 5125

Dog Policy:  While we do love dogs, please be sure to either leave your dog in your car or in your stall. You are welcome to take your dog for a walk in the back pasture, or on a walk secured by a leash through the boarding pastures. Thanks for your help.