Cutting Club

Saddle Peak's Slump Club is a great way to learn to cut. The barn always has a herd of 30 cows and six trained buffalo, as well as a mechanical Cowtrac. and guest cutting horse trainers offer training workshops and assistance during the practice. Riders will work to turn back for others, and hold corner positions. We encourage you to participate at a level you and your horse can benefit. Feel free to bring green horses that need experience walking through the herd, or your seasoned show horse. The cost is $45per horse/rider, please call ahead to let us know you are coming.
Note: Check the temperature and call ahead. We will move the morning practice to the afternoon on very cold days to give the barn time to warm up. 
Occasionally we have seasoned, finished cutting horses available for lessons. Riding hand down on a working horse is an experience of a lifetime.