Lessons and Workshops at Saddle Peak

We believe good horsemanship is life-long learning. Saddle Peak hosts clinics and provides group or private lessons.


Horsemanship lessons both on the ground and in the saddle are available.  Lesson horses, too..  

Call Tye Macdonald  406 581 8695

Cow Working Lessons


Whether your horse has been recently introduced to cows, or your hose is a world champion cutter, come ride with us. The thrill and intensity of riding a cutting horse hooked on a cow can change your riding and life goals.

Tye Macdonald 406 581 8695

Equestrian Lessons


Lessons are structured to empower riders to be confident, thinking equestrians that have the ability to handle their horses in a variety of situations. Lessons are ideal for all levels of success in the show ring, from short stirrup to grand prix, or anyone wanting to learn to understand and communicate with their horse.