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Meet Tye MacDonald! 

Tye MacDonald grew up in central Montana’s cattle ranch country and worked for cattle and horse ranches during high school and college.  He worked his way through college starting colts, his method and techniques were formed primarily by Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman and Roy Yates, the master of lightness.  After receiving a Master’s degree from Montana State University, Tye began training full time.  Gradually his focused centered around reined cowhorses and MacDonald Performance Training moved to Paso Robles, CA to further the reined cowhorse showing aspect of the business.


While the business dabbled in reining and cutting, the focus was training reined cowhorses, starting colts and training non pro riders and their horses.  After eight years in Central California, learning the showing and training techniques from the area, Tye and his wife Tammy, moved back to Montana to raise their three children.  MacDonald Performance Training is now located just north of Bozeman, continuing to train performance horses, starting colts and training non pro riders and their mounts.

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